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Brilliant Sole Development Kit

The World's First Open "Interactive Footwear" Platform is here now. What will you create to be run on Brilliant Sole?

Brilliant Sole insoles were originally built to put feet into VR but they can do so much more. Wireless charging, bluetooth connected, full motion, orientation, and pressure tracking, and haptics. Developers can hit the ground running with an Unreal Engine Plugin, (Unity Package - coming soon), and open-sourced Swift and web-bluetooth code examples.

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Order Now to receive your Brilliant Sole Development Kit in timely fashion


Software API's, Game Engine Integrations


Brilliant Sole makes "Active Footwear" into "Interactive Footwear®"

Order now to insure you can get a set from our earliest production run. The semi-conductor component shortage is a real problem. We can only produce limited quantities through batch orders.

Brilliant Sole has open-sourced a react native mobile app, and a web-bluetooth app that fully interfaces with the insoles. Also, Legendary Gameworks has built an Unreal Engine plugin, and a Unity package (coming soon) to interface Brilliant Soles sensors and haptics.

Your feet are the next human input device for extended reality (XR), and the real world through mobile device applications.

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What's in our Soles?

Packed with technology, yet durable and cost-efficient

Each insole contains 8 analog pressure sensors, a 6-axis Bosch IMU, Magnetometer, Barometer, and two linear resonant actuator motors (LRA Haptics). The BLE connected chips are powered by a Nordic nRF52840 CKAA (Rev. D silicon) with ARM Cortex M4F.

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